Tacloban City Fiesta Celebration 2012

It has been a tradition that every June 30, people would expect a colorful celebration of the Tacloban City fiesta. However, a few years ago, it has been unavoidable that people would also look forward to the peacefulness of the event.

After the most controversial issue last year between the Pintados Foundation and the City Government of Tacloban, it is no more unusual to wonder what will happen to this year’s fiesta celebration.

But for me, the Sangyaw Festival this year that is been named The Parade of Lights was slightly embarrassing to the people who don’t lived in Tacloban City and people who just visit to watch The Parade of Lights because it has been tradition to us that the festival of Tacloban is cool like Pintados, or even the Sangyaw Festival last year, but they had a conflict between the two.

All I can say is, it is now boring to watch festival of the Tacloban City, unlikely some of the past years.