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Putting It All TogetherWorkshop No. 8


Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy Book Report

Book Written by R.L. Stine

This report is based upon the book Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy, written by R.L. Stine. This book is published by Scholastic Inc. APPLE PAPERBACKS® and is copyrighted 1993 by R.L. Stine.


Introduction of the Author

The book Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy was written by R.L. Stine. He is the author of more than two dozen best-selling thrillers and mysteries for young people. Recent title for teenagers include The Hitch, Beach House, and Hit and Run, all published by Scholastic. He is also the author of the Fear Street series.

When he isn’t writing scary books, he is the head writer of the children’s TV show Eureeka’s Castle, seen on Nickelodeon.



I found this book to be very thrilling and fantastic. People who will read this book will not get bored easily in reading because the book is interesting and thrilling, feeling like you really wanted to finish reading the book. However I really don’t believe this to be true this is like a fantasy. The author speaks about a dummy that got life in the book and he spoke that the dummy is violent.

Chapter two when Lindy found her dummy and start playing and learning to make Slappy move and talk. Chapter three when Mrs. Marshall called Lindy in the phone to perform to Mrs. Marshall’s son birthday party where Mrs. Marshall will pay Lindy twenty dollars. Chapter six when Kris got her own dummy, her Dad bought the dummy so Kris will not always getting jealous to her twin sister. Chapter 6 until chapter seventeen when the sisters are always competing and when Kris and Lindy always practicing and learning more for there dummies. Chapter eighteen when Kris’ dummy got life. Starting chapter eighteen, such weird things happened and chapter twenty-two to chapter twenty-five where Kris’ dummy is starting to be violent but at last they killed the life of the dummy. Throughout the book R.L. Stine refers that Lindy is always making fun until such time all of the jokes of Lindy came true.

I feel the purpose of R.L. Stine in writing this book is to try to show some mysteries about the dummy. And he shows having scary mysteries being a ventriloquist. He is trying to show relationships of twins, that sometimes they commit hardships like getting jealous of, and others.


This one was actually pretty scary. The few chapters in the beginning were funny because of Lindy making some fun and jokes to her twin sister. In this chapters it tells something about the part of their life where they come up to the dummies and being as ventriloquist. Specifically it talks about the dummy live when Kris speaks the code, where the code unlocked the dummy and got life. As it tells about when the dummy got life Lindy got serious and no more jokes.

Lindy was a very naughty and always making fun and jokes to her sister where her sister always got mad at her. Lindy and Kris grew up the ordinary an normal life their life only started weird things happen when they start playing the dummies. Mrs. Powell tells her daughters about past days when her daughter were always cheerful like playing outside, riding bicycles and others unlike the present days. Lindy loves reading books while Kris loves collecting beads for her bracelets and necklaces. When first Lindy saw and gets dummy, Kris want to buy a dummy like what her sister have, few days ago her dad bought dummy then weird things will begin to happen.

As time goes by, they’re busy practicing and learning some new jokes for some shows with their dummies. Lindy is more good ventriloquist than Kris, Kris only want to learn and become good ventriloquist too because she want to compete with her sister and want to take down her sister. When they saw each other they were always competing each other none-stop.

At first, when Kris starts realizing that there are weird things happen that she is confused and can’t sleep at night it was only Lindy, her sister akig fun with her. Kris always got nightmares during midnights. All fun things that her sister made, she thought that all of that was true she only know and realize that it was only Lindy making fun at her at last.

But time comes when she saw the dummy walking and knocking the door at the cabinet and saw Lindy is asleep. She really thinks that it was all true but really all of that things was true it was just that when the dummy of Kris got life. The life of Kris is not good, and all people thought that Kris is really bad, they don’t know that such weird, nasty, and evil things happened and that was not Kris’.

When Lindy also realizes that the living dummy was true she knew it. Lindy and Kris talks to there parents about weird things that is happening. Their parents didn’t believe to their daughters until such time Lindy and Kris don’t want to become the slaves of the dummy, the twin-sister killed the dummy.



This book is one of the best-selling thrillers and mysteries mostly to kids. The author was trying to achieve his story by making his story a fantasy and come up mysteries to the story. The larger idea that story illustrates is that I learned not to be jealous right away we should think first before to do a thing. The author’s style of writing is that he prolong the story. The setting of the story that the author wrote was not really good because he didn’t gave specific place and time. While the mood of the novel is great. There’s something that caught my attention like when the dummy had life, moves and talks. The dummy made tha main characters as his slaves but they rejected it, they find a way to kill the dummy. The impression that the book left to me is great and I felt that I want to read the series of books that is thrilling and more in fantasies.


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