Post # 1

“the day you left Leyte

                                the heaven cries…”

When I first you sir, I thought at first that you don’t know how to speak our language. So me and my other classmates when we first saw you in school had jokes. Like making some fun because you are an american. So when we heard that you speaks our language we had fun too its because of your accent.

But later on when I saw you that you really help teachers like when you share your ideas and mostly to us I was amazed.

When we are talking last time about your behavior or beliefs in your place I feel interested to go there but one that i don’t feel interested is that by shaving beard or mustache only once a year. When I saw you the day you left I feel it’s Christmas because of your beard or mustache but the only thing that is missing is being a fat man.

I was feel amazed when I saw you trying hard at sports too. Like in Handball sport you really trying best like to have jersey for the school even though EVSU don’t have anything to give. You give your best to solicit even its hard for us to make. Thank you sir Mark for everything you contributed to us.


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